Helping This Meetup

Keeping Boston Software Crafters running requires lots of small jobs. If you take on one of these, it’s a big help to the organization. You can sign up for one of these and then move to doing something else later on. Or you can suggest a different job that you’re interested in doing.

To volunteer or discuss in more detail, contact us.

We really appreciate your help!


Role Description
Video Meeting Facilitator Help us figure out how to facilitate a collobarative video meeting and/or help troubleshoot during the video meeting.
Logo Designer Boston Software Crafters is looking for a good logo or stock image to use
Photos We are looking for a new photo for the meetup page showing online collboration and once we go back to in person, a better photo showing in person collaboration. We may also do a photo gallery on the website. Please share your own photos or let us know of free or stock images you come across.
New Member Greeter When new members join Meetup or Slack, send them a personal message welcoming them. People answer questions when they join; it would be great to include details from those answers, and an encouragement to share their expertise (if they have claimed some).
Kata Facilitator Volunteer to organize and facilitate a kata. Help others get set up to be productive.
Session Facilitator Check on on breakout rooms to see if people need help.
Emcee Coordinate an entire session
Alternative Meeting Organizer Set up an alterntive meeting on a topic of your choice. We wil help you publicize and help you figure out how to organize (you are expected to be the primary organizer).
Twitter **Create a @bostonsoftwrecrafters Twitter account. Follow interesting people, tweet things. Announce events and sponsors.
Website Contributor Open issues and pull requests for content suggestions and edits to this website.
Website Admin Improve the content of this website and manage contributions.
Event List Researcher Look for other events people might be interested in.
Event List Gatekeeer Keep track of other events people want us to announce to the group and coordinate posting or post yourself.
Monthly Announcements Put together and send out a monthly announcement.
Public Relations Bullhorn Find places to publicize Boston Software Crafters events. Publicize them.
Onboarding Process Play-test the experience for new members. Make sure we properly explain how Boston Software Crafters works so that they can get as much as possible from joining.
Pollster Write a survey to find out what people want and what is on their minds. Collect results, summarize for everyone.
T-shirt Wizard It would be amazing to have Boston Software Crafters t-shirts to sell. Find someone to design the shirt (or design it yourself). Work with enough leaders of the group to get approval of the design. Find a vendor with the right price/quality balance. Decide on the right quantity and mix of sizes to order. Deal with the vendor to get the shirts made.
Attendee Greeter People showing up to an evening event could use a friendly face to greet them. Tell people how to get started. Make them feel welcome. This can be totally informal; if you warmly greet just one apprehensive attendee, you’ve made a difference! This is needed both for on line and when we go back to in person.